Monday, March 15, 2010

I recently lost a few pounds, it was a lot of work, but well worth it...Never in my life have I felt better! The only issue? I had my FAVORITE pair of Lucky jeans and my favorite top that I couldn't wear any more! what to do, what to do? I could have given them away, but to be honest, I was very attached to my Lucky jeans. So...Thank you to Donna of Prima Donna Beads for turning me on to a great idea! Turn my jean into a bag! So here it is Donna, and thanks so much again for the suggestion. I love my new favorite bag!

I Love my new Lucky Bag! I'm SOOOO glad that I didn't have to get rid of my jeans that I was SO attached to!

The inside on my bag is lined with one of my favorite "old me" tops. It had a draw string at the waist of it which I turned into the draw string of my bag. I didn't use any patterns to make this bag...I just ROLLED with it!