Sunday, March 14, 2010

I recently made some more leather leaves and stained them in more random colors... Since then, my mind has been FILLED with ideas for designs! I love nature and I adore trees. So here is the leather bead I designed for all the tree lovers out there. Beautifully stained leather leaves in several natural tones like dark green, tan, brown, and even a dark navy blue and black! They measure approximately .5x.75 inches.

These earring are made with my leather leaves in tan, brown and dark green. They are wire wrapped with tiny faceted tourmaline pretties to give them a little sparkle. I oxidized the sterling silver wire for an antique finish so they can be worn for a casual or chick day!

These leather pieces are easy to use! You can drill them with a Dremel or you can easily push a hole through with a thumbtack! Most all leather pieces by ElementZ Designs have no drills in them. This is so that you can put the hole where ever you might want!

These leather leaves retail for $3.00 ea. For more information please check out!